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ANGELES, PHILIPPINES | The Walking Streets of North Luzon

Updated: Jan 22, 2023


Before you book that ticket to the Philippines, make sure you know where you're going

and you know where you'll stay. I would also recommend START MEETING FILIPINA GIRLS NOW!

Avoid any drama and have peace of mind by booking travel insurance HERE.


RT-PCR test no longer needed for fully-vaxxed travelers. Fully-vaccinated Filipinos and foreigners who will enter the Philippines beginning May 30 are no longer required to present a negative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test upon arrival in the Philippines. (Source:


Welcome back to the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines! Where you can get a taste of the tropical air, busy streets, beautiful culture, great food, and beautiful ladies 🥵

Another heads up, NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) is not a top airport you would want to stay longer, but you would stay longer because of long lines 🤣 Pack your patience and bring it to the Philippines. You'll need it.


Our 2nd stop is Angeles City, located in North Luzon, in the province of Pampanga. Angeles is the premier nightlife in Pampanga just like Makati in Metro Manila.

Make sure you have cash in handy, okay? Most of the transportation doesn't accept cards or other payment methods, unless you booked Grab, where you can pay thru card.

As you know, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is located in Pasay City. If you chose a hotel to stay in Pasay, you can ride the bus that will cost you around ₱150 - ₱200 and takes 3 to 4 hours of travel time. 🚌

You can also scroll through Facebook and get a Rent-A-Car or book a Grab that might cost you around ₱1,000 +.


We would recommend booking your hotels prior to flying to the Philippines. Click on this link to book your hotels! In Angeles, you can choose from a variety of hotels your budget can fit. You can also search AirBnb for a more homey feel of staying every night. One night can cost you around ₱1,000 ++, don’t forget to compare the prices in Agoda!

If you choose motels, it would cost you around ₱500+ to stay for 12 hours. The most famous one is the Sogo Hotel, the red ones 😅 We'll discuss this red hotel again later one 🤫

I would suggest to prepare at least ₱1,500 per night for a good night sleep 😴🛌


Angeles is a highly-urbanized city in the province of Pampanga, located in Central Luzon. Companies build their buildings and branches here because it is quite close to Metro Manila and is fast-developing. BPOs, banks or financial institutions, casinos, hotels, and restaurants are here as well.


Once you have settled in your hotel, take a quick shower and run around Angeles. Let’s start with casinos. You can play in one of the recommended casinos here, Wild Aces Poker Sports Club. Labeled “Best Poker Room in Pampanga, Philippines, established in 2008 that caters to locals and tourists.” by TripAdvisor.

Clubs, Party, Bars? 🍾🍸🎉

If you are the type of bachelor who wants to mingle, drink, dance, and meet women in clubs and bars, we recommend you go to Mega Dance Center in Angeles that is the #1 recommended bar in TripAdvisor.

One customer said, “The best party place is clean, friendly and accommodating staff, good looking people from different parts of the world, sexy and exotic local girls favorite place in the city number 1!” Can’t recommend it more!

GIRLS? 💃🎉🍾

There are 5 places you can get Filipina girls in Angeles, Pampanga.

1. Bars & Clubs - Girls will ask you to "table" with them and possibly go out with you!

2. Massage Parlors - Either you go to the spa or just call them up to your hotel/motel/AirBnb, you'll definitely get a good massage, and maybe even more (all the way!) 🤫😅

3. Facebook Groups - You can definitely join some Facebook Groups while you are staying in the Philippines that will surely help you through your days here in the PH.

4. Freelancers - they will show up outside bars, or massage parlors, or hotels/motels and will ask you if you want to have some good time!

5. Pinalove - We recommend this site for you to meet Filipinas online!


Just like the hotels, bars and clubs, Makati is a place where you can find a lot of massage parlors that offer home service or hotel service, or you can just go straight to their salon and ask for that relaxing massage.

Don't be shy to ask for other services (that you might want to get 😅) as they will definitely answer your question or request, just for the right price. Don't get me wrong! Some massage parlors don't go all the way, but most of them (about 80%) will help you get that most relaxing massage you'll need.


Pampanga is known as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines”. Kapampangans (locals in Pampanga) are also known to have so much passion in cooking and it surely can be traced back to when Spain conquered the Philippines for 333 years.

#1 dish you must try in Angeles, Pampanga is the SISIG. Pampanga is known as the Sisig Central. Sisig is a Filipino dish made from parts of a pig's face and belly, and chicken liver which is

usually seasoned with calamansi, onions, and chili peppers. It is topped with an egg that will be cooked from the heat of the sisig itself in the sizzling plate. Sometimes, people love to top it with mayonnaise as well to balance out the flavor.

We would also recommend finding restaurants in Angeles that has the following dishes: morcon, menudo, caldereta, estofado, embutido, asado, lengua, lechon, chicharon, afritada, bringhi (paella), tabang talangka (crab meat), the "tocino" or pindang and their native version of the longaniza.


It's HIGHLY ILLEGAL in the Philippines and completely not worth risking your life or freedom! ❌

What are you waiting for, stop by Angeles when you visit the Philippines especially if you enjoy the busy nights!

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