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Pattaya, Thailand | The Pulsating Nightlife

Updated: Apr 29


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How to get to Pattaya?

Getting to Pattaya is relatively simple. Most taxi drivers will take you there for about

1500THB, or you can take a bus from Ekkamai bus station for a fraction of the cost. Prices can range from 300 - 500 baht depending on the service provider.

There is also a ferry service which runs between Hua Hin and Pattaya, which we’ve never taken ourselves so we can’t really comment on that.

Leaving Pattaya is simple - there are drivers everywhere who will be willing to take you back to Bangkok for the same price, and directly to the airport as well if you don’t want to waste time in Bangkok.

Accommodation in Pattaya

This is one of the few places you can just show up and get a room. Most bars and pubs will double as a hotel and have rooms upstairs, which go for about 500 THB a night. The Single Man does recommend spending the extra few bucks though, for comfort and service. Nothing beats having a hot shower.

There are a bunch of cheap hotels around LK Metro, but I wouldn’t stay there, for the sake of having a good sleep. Just off Soi Buakhao there will be plenty, and I mean plenty of different options. Try and stay within walking distance of the action. The extra money you pay in accommodation with a good location you’ll save on taxi and ride share fees.

We would recommend booking your hotels prior to flying to Thailand. Click on this link to book your hotels! In Pattaya, you can choose from a variety of hotels your budget can fit. One night can cost you around 2,000 Baht for a good night stay, don’t forget to compare the prices in Agoda!

If you don’t mind staying a bit further out and having a more relaxed vibe, search around Jomtien Beach. It’s a matter of minutes and dollars away, and the beach is infinitely cleaner than Pattaya Beach.

When booking, The Single Man prefers to use BOOKING.COM to find the best deals. Every booking earns you a credit which you can put towards more nights or even flights!

Getting around Pattaya

Our number one tip is to never take a motorbike whilst in Pattaya. Don’t rent one, don’t take a friend’s one for a spin, and don’t hop on the back of one. Your insurance more than likely won’t cover hospital fees for yourself or the driver. Don’t ruin your vacation or holiday over something that can easily be avoided.

We recommend taking a Baht Bus

Whilst you may have employed a taxi driver to get you here, we highly recommend avoiding the services of a taxi once you’re in town. You might hear Thai people refer to a “Taxi Mafia”, which sounds ridiculous, but they really aren’t far from the truth.

What to do in Pattaya?

So you’ve finally made it! The Single Man’s Field of Dreams. When thinking about what activities you should get up to, we need to consider budget. You can be very frugal, or indulge in almost every vice and spend a fortune in a week. The Single Man recommends somewhere in the middle; splurge a little but don’t be crazy!

Bar Girls

Bars, bars, bars! Pattaya is world famous for its bars and drinking scene. The majority of these bars are staffed with ‘bar girls’ who will give you the privilege of their intellect, conversational skills and occasionally playing games. The Collect Four games is more of a Phuket thing, here, not so much.

Lady drinks will generally cost around 150THB, the additional charge goes to the bar girl and is their main source of income. If you don’t buy lady drinks, don’t expect to have any luck later on in the night with the first girl that approaches you, or any of the other staff. Word does get around and you’ll be known as what’s commonly referred to as a ‘Cheap Charlie’.

To enjoy the company of a bar girl, outside of the bar, you will need to pay a bar fine. Generally speaking, a bar fine in Pattaya is about 500THB, but can get steeper the closer you get to Walking Street. In the Go Go Bars, it’s not unheard of to pay 1,500THB for one of these girls. This cost is just to cover what the bar loses in letting the girl leave the joint. They WILL charge more on top for other services. Expect to pay anywhere from 1,000 - 2,000THB for short time (usually an hour or two, and only one shot) or 2,000 - 3,500THB for long time. Long time generally means she’ll stay over at your hotel and you’ll get to bang once at night and again in the morning. Everything in this last paragraph is YMMV - the Single Man recommends being a gentleman in all instances; it improves your social standing and saves you a few bucks in the long run.

Massage Parlours

What would Pattaya be without massages? What would Thailand be without massages for that matter? These are just as ubiquitious as the bars, and can be found on just about every Soi in town. Some are legitimate massage places, but come on, everything and everyone in this town has a price. Again, be a gentleman and you can have all the fun in the world. Expect to pay about 200THB, for a massage, but please, remember to tip. Thailand is cheap but don’t exploit humble workers just trying to get by. $3 or $4 is nothing to those of us who have the privilege of coming to Pattaya as a tourist, and it could mean the difference between your masseuse eating dinner that night or going to bed hungry.

The soapy, or soap land, is becoming increasingly popular here as well, especially amongst Korean and Japanese tourists. Every so often you’ll see a bus load of tour buses filled with middle aged men pulling up in front of a swanky looking complex with Japanese characters and a big bold MASSAGE sign on it. This is more than likely a soapie or a nuru joint. These places are going to knock you back at least 3,000THB for an hour - The Single Man recommends trying once for the experience, but moving on to find greener pastures elsewhere in Pattaya.

There are a few mobile massage services operating in Pattaya where masseuses will come direct to your hotel. A simple google search will help you, just make sure you have Line and/or WhatsApp to deal with the mamasan. These services are generally a bit more expensive and you do run the risk of not getting what you ordered. Tread carefully with this one.

Gogo Bars

If you’ve heard of the notorious and infamous Go Go Bars of Pattaya, you’ll want to book a hotel close to either Walking Street or Soi LK Metro. Paying a bit extra on a hotel will actually save you money and time because you won’t have to worry about transport. The Go Go Bars are where are a lot of scams do occur, so do keep an eye on your bill, don’t record anything you see and mind your manners. This is the most important place to behave like a gentleman.

Generally, everything in these places will be more expensive. We’re talking about liquor, lady drinks and most importantly the bar fines. Don’t expect to spend less than 5,000THB on a night out at the Go Go’s if you really want to get the most out of it. The Single Man reckons there are better options out there, but hey, we don’t get this back home so, why not?

Our top pick for Go Go Bars is The Windmill Club just off Walking Street. The Single Man recommends that you be prepared for a little splash.


There is an abundance of freelancers in Pattaya, but when dealing with any freelance worker here, first ask yourself why this person isn’t working in an establishment? The Single Man has had great experiences with Freelancers in the past, until he didn’t. They can charge whatever they want, as cheap or as expensive as they want to be. You can find them in droves along Beach Road (previously opposite the beach, but now they stand on the beach side) or in Walking Street. The nightclubs work too, but The Single Man really, really recommends keeping yourself out of trouble, especially in a foreign country.

If you do decide to take a freelancer back to the hotel, be sure to put any essentials and valuables in your safety deposit box, and make sure the worker signs in at reception and presents a valid ID. This could very well keep you out of jail and protect your reputation in the future. Be very, very careful with freelancers.


Ladyboys are employed at pretty much every establishment in Pattaya, save for the massage parlours in Soi Honey. There are dedicated Ladyboy bars on Soi Chaiyapoon and one on LK Metro, but really, you’ll have no trouble finding them. You will find a lot of freelancers on Beach Road, but again, weigh up the risks here. Even if you don’t swing that way, try out one of the bars for a few hours. The Single Man guarantees that you’ll have fun and some good drinking buddies. Ladyboys are also great sources of intel for what’s going on in Pattaya, so a few extra friends never hurts, especially if you’re planning an extended stay here.


Cannabis is now LEGAL in Thailand! You’ll be able to find it anywhere in the tourist hot spots. Walking street, Soi Buakhao and LK Metro all have kiosks or cafes selling product to help you get lifted! Expect to pay about 500THB for half a gram of VERY potent stuff!

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